Sunday, 3 July 2016

The Final of 2015 Holidays and our Plan for 2016

Somehow I never did finish off the last bit of last year's outback trip. We did get to Moree on the way home for a dip in their thermal pools, but after that it was straight driving with overnight stops all the way home as the weather turned cooler on our way south. A good trip though and we loved out outback meanderings.

This year the plan is much different - We fly off to the UK leaving in the early hours of this Friday arriving there on Friday evening with an overnight stop in London. On Saturday we travel up to York and on Sunday we have a day excursion on The Flying Scotsman up to Carlisle and return. We love train travel and this trip on such an iconic steam train should be quite exciting.

After returning to London - we'll do some family research, meet up with a few relatives, have a trip to Bletchley Park and enjoy a live stage performance of "Hobson's Choice" with Martin Shaw and Christopher Timothy. A lot to do in the five days we have in London!

Next to Belgium by Eurostar and two week's volunteer work as Wardens at Talbot House (Toc H) in Poperinge. This was a house set up during World War 1 to be used as a comfortable and friendly place to visit by all ranks when on leave from the horrors of the trench. It is maintained today as a museum and hostel with a traditional cuppa provided for all who visit. This will be a part of our duties during our fortnight stay. On leaving we fly to Malta for a short stay, then onto Venice to board a cruise ship down the Adriatic Sea to Greece and the islands. We finish our trip in Rome from where we'll fly home.

We're looking forward to this rather varied trip - and we hope friends and relatives will be interested to read of our adventures in this year's travel blog.   

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