Wednesday, 1 June 2011

2011 Australian Trip - On the Wallaby

Not long to go now and with winter in full swing here in southern Victoria, Australia, it will not be too soon to head north to see and experience the Australian outback and enjoy some sunshine. The caravan is being packed and we've carefully added extra water tanks, jerry cans for spare fuel and loads of non-perishable food. Maps, guides, first aid kits, bedding and clothing are included and only last minute items such as fridge items need to be added. As we are taking our old dog Jessie, all her equipment/bedding and bags of dog food have been packed.

All the electronic equipment (Peter's domain) - including laptop, wireless internet USB, battery chargers, cameras, TV, solar powered digital radio will all make our trip more comfortable (we hope!), and I've added a stash of books, knitting and sewing just to keep me going for the three months we plan to travel.

Fingers crossed, Monday is historically "D" day and also our departure day. Next posting will be in about a week's time.

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